Dominate Inputs (Asphalt) (Included w/ Sub)

Dominate Inputs (Asphalt) (Included w/ Sub)

This a 3 Part Series where we learn to identify, measure, and adjust Dominate Inputs.

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Dominate Inputs (Asphalt) (Included w/ Sub)
  • 159 Part 1: Identifying Dominate Set Up Inputs

    Not only will we be gaining a better understand of what dominate inputs are. We will be breaking them down into categories to better help organize and identify them. Those four categories are:
    - Dominate Balance Inputs
    - Dominate Wheel Position Inputs
    - Dominate Chassis Inputs
    - Dominate Forward ...

  • 160 Part 2: How To Measure Dominate Inputs

    Measuring anything on our car is how we reference everything. Without measurements we would have no way to check, reference, or know where we are. When we are able to properly measure dominate inputs, we are able to identify where we are and decide a direction to go.

  • 161 Part 3: Adjusting Dominate Set Up Inputs

    Adjusting on the car is the fun part, In this video we explain our top 2-3 adjustments for each input and what to do with that adjustment. Once you know what your car needs this video will guide you with what way to adjust.